Char Dham Yatra Experience: How Changed Life After CharDham Yatra

German Couple Turns pure vegetarian 24 years ago; converts more than 500 people

I had never imagined that a visit to the Char Dhams will bring so much pleasure to my life. I have seen Indians visiting Char Dhams under harsh climate and difficult circumstances and yet brim with immeasurable happiness. It makes me wonder about the secret of Indian culture which fills minds and hearts of people with so much joy. People come from distant lands and clamber over mountains and brave the snow and wind to glimpse divinity and attain spiritual bliss. This is what the German couple Manfret Lawrence and Christa Lawrence who have visited Char Dham 39 times say about its pleasures. This German couple got involved in Yogic meditation from the year 1972 and came to Rishikesh in 1992 to learn more about the Indian art of Yoga. From Rishikesh, Manfret and Christa journeyed to the Char Dhams. The road was obstructed due to rains at several places and the path was slippery and treacherous. People were trapped in groups due to obstructions in the road and roadblocks. The couple though that they were trapped but people around them were filled with a strange joy. This divine journey brought about a change of heart in Manfret and Christa and propelled them towards finding out more about Indian culture.
Manfret Lawrence and Christa Lawrence
Manfret Lawrence and Christa Lawrence
Lieu of Indian tradition and culture, the couple gave up eating non-vegetarian food. Once they returned to Germany, they began inspiring fellow Yogic practitioners and followers to quit eating non-vegetarian food. The couple has successfully weaned off more than 500 people from non-vegetarian food. Manfred and Christa says that 90% of the German population eats non-vegetarian food and this include people who practice as well as do not practice yoga. Their visit to India turned them off from consumption of meat forever ad they firmly believe that practicing Yoga Mudras is futile if one consumes meat. To become a true yogi, one must leave the practice of eating meat and animal products.

Their Journey on Indian Terrain

The German couple said that they have journeyed to Uttarakhand several times and paid 4 visits to Kedarnath and one to Badrinath. They visited Gaumukh four times and Yamunotri once. They have also visited the Valley of flowers, Neelkanth peak, Tungabhadra, Chaubata, Masuri and many other tourist spots. These journeys have been precious and have filled them with priceless memories.

Their knowledge of Religious Texts

Manfret and Christa have immersed themselves in understanding the Vedas and Hindu religious texts. They have learned to sing the Mahamrityunjay mantra, Bhojan Mantra and Gayatri Mantras along with the Harmonium. The German couple raved about Moksha Dayini and said that Ganga Maata is sacred and pure and the Goddess of holy belief and trust. They also said that it is necessary to exert oneself to purify the Ganges.

The Delights of Garhwali Cuisine

Manfret and Linda are diehard fans of local Garhwali cuisine and they love the Kheer of Jhangora, Mandua Ki Roti, Chainsoo, Phaanu and Tea Pakora. They make it a point to visit their friend Manoj Dwivedi’s home to sample their favourite foods every time they come to Rishikesh.

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