3 Things You Shouldn’t Miss out on in Vung Tau, Vietnam

Vietnam is fast becoming a fan favorite among tourists especially expats and foreigners from neighboring ASEAN countries who have tired of the charms of Bali, Pattaya and Phuket, like a lot of great attractions in the world. You do not need much budget to go on holidays, especially to Vietnam, you can book now. Vung Tau, just 128km south of Saigon, has recently garnered a lot of interest, not only for the great natural beauty of the area but also because Vietnam’s first ever large-scale integrated casino resort complex- The Grand – Ho Tram Strip recently opened its doors to the public last July 26th, an event which made a lot Bodog Vietnam faithful happy I’m sure. While the beaches here aren’t considered as among the country’s finest, there are three attractions in Vung Tau which are certain to pique your interest and serve as your motivation to keep you coming back for more of Vietnam’s hidden tourism gem that is Vung Tau.

Six Senses Con Dao

Six Senses Con Dao
Despite its close proximity to Vietnam’s capital city of Ho Chi Minh, Vung Tau has often been overlooked by foreign tourists, who after sampling a taste of the exotic attractions in HCMC, often rush up the coast to enjoy the sands and beautiful beaches at Nha Trang which holds the distinction as Vietnam’s beach capital.  Vietnam has some of the best beaches in the South China Sea and yet when it comes to powdery white-sand beaches, Six Senses Con Dao, with its mile-long stretch of sandy beach is no slouch and will give those beaches in Nha Trang a good run for their money. This five-star resort has over 50 villas, each with its own private pool overlooking a stretch of powder-fine private, white sand beach and overlooking the vista of the azure waters of the South China Sea right outside your private villa.

From being a notorious prison island in the past, Con Dao has now been transformed into one of the most exclusive island resort destinations in the ASEAN, rivalling Misibis Bay Resort and Amanpulo in the Philippines, where Hollywood power couple Brad and Angelina previously have stayed. Con Dao’s celebrity guest lists also include Brad and Angie and a host of VIPs including politicians as well as the biggest names in the music and entertainment industry. Aside from being a protected national marine reserve, Con Dao’s spectacular marine life makes diving and snorkeling in and around the island’s coral reefs and coves a favorite among visitors and guests. Fishing, hiking into the tropical rainforest and yes, even a trip to Con Dao’s colorful morning markets can also be easily arranged at the resort.

The Grand – Ho Tram Strip
The Grand Ho Tram Strip
Gently nestled along the coast just two hours away from the capital city of Ho Chi Minh in the seaside province of Ba Ria in Vung Tau , The Grand – Ho Tram Strip is the country’s first ever luxury integrated resort casino, sprawling over 164 hectares of beautifully landscaped terrain which includes a 2.2km stretch of private beach. With a 541 room five-star hotel, 3 swimming pools, 10 dining establishments and replete with luxury shopping outlets and a Vegas-style casino in the resort’s premises, The Grand – Ho Tram Strip is currently one of the biggest draws in Vung Tau, having opened its doors to the public last July 26 with a glitzy party for the resort’s guests. Guests were treated to a night of great music, free-flowing food and drinks as well as the chance to try out over 2,000 slot machines and 180 tables featuring popular casino games such as poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Among the big hits were Bodog88.com lineup of online casino games and the overflowing free food and drinks which the guests thoroughly enjoyed. The party was also a rare chance to rub elbows and hobnob with the prominent personalities and high rollers who came over to take part in the resort-casino’s well-attended grand opening.

Vietnam’s Giant Jesus
Vietnam’s Giant Jesus
If you think that only Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has a gigantic statue of Christ Jesus, you would be pleasantly surprised to find out that Vietnam also a version of its own.  Welcome to Rio di Vietnam, where a gigantic statue of Jesus Christs sits atop a small mountain with its arms outstretched as if to welcome the Christian faithful coming in from the South China sea. Whereas the statue of Christ in Brazil stands 30 meters high above Rio De Janeiro, the Vietnamese are proud to claim that their version overtops its more illustrious Brazilian counterpart by over 2 meters at 32 meters in height. There is  a way to climb up the statue’s outstretched arms where you can get a spectacular 360 degree view of Vung Tau. A cornucopia of caged snakes, monkeys and small animals in a semblance of a zoo are scattered around the Christ statue’s base along with a sprinkling of major field guns thrown in for good measure which only further adds to the unique mystique of this attraction in Vung Tau.

A journey through some of Vietnam’s major cities and top attractions will ever be complete without a sampling of Vung Tau’s splendid sights and sounds, three of which have been featured above. More than this, it is the smiling and ever-friendly local people, most importantly, which makes Vung Tau such a captivating place to visit.
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