Top 9 Beautiful Places To Visit In Turgutreis, Turkey

Turkey is a big country spanning two contents and more than 10000 years of history. There are so many different places to visit that it can at first seem daunting. But if you have an idea of what you are after, it is easy to find just what you want. From pristine crystal clear Mediterranean seas with fine beaches, to ancient Roman ruins or adventure travel, it can all be found there. There have been civilizations living in this land for 40,000 years, so you can see magical places that you won’t find anywhere else on this planet.

If it is beaches you are after, Turgutreis, Turkey has over 5000 miles of coastline, so you won’t be struggling to find a nice patch of beach. For the history buff, Turkey was occupied by the Romans for 300 years and they left hundreds of magnificent buildings, viaducts and monuments. There are ruins everywhere and most are in excellent condition.

Turkey is also the adventure travelers dream. There is fantastic scuba diving in may spots around its huge coastline, horseback riding, some world-famous paragliding, river rafting and you can even stay in a Kurdish village, local style, in Eastern turkey

It is a safe country to visit, long removed from the “Midnight Express€ days and transport is relatively easy unless you are determined to get off the beaten track.

While Turkey is an associate member of the European Union, it is not on the Euro, which makes it a very inexpensive by western standards. The food, culture and atmosphere are amazing. The Turks are very welcoming and will often go out of their way to show you sites you may miss just following a guidebook. I have put together a list of my favorite beaches, where you can get a fantastic tan and also soak up the local culture. This is not an exhaustive list, there are many more places, and also this is just the coastline, the interior has loads of hidden secrets too.

#1 Patara
Patara Beach
By far one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey, Patara Beach is huge and as a bonus is located very close to the ancient Lycian city of Patara, so you can do the beach and the ruins in one day. The closest cities are Fethiye and Kas. You can often see sea turtles here, but respect them, don’t bother them at all. The single road approaching the beach features ancient historical sites.

#2 Ovabuku
ovabuku beach turkey
Hidden away on the Datca peninsula, Ovabuku is absolutely stunning. The beach is a relatively small, but features a group of restaurants and pensions and the countryside around has a lush pine forests mixed with carob, oak, and myrtle trees. It’s not the beach alone that makes this such a find, it’s the whole package: peace, authenticity and a real sense of escape.

#3 Pamucak
Pamucak Beach
It’s a big beach, very wide with dark soft sand. It is only 4 miles west of Ephesus, again allowing you to take in history and a stunning beach in the same day. I guess the Romans had a thing for beaches too. Be careful of the surf, it can get quite rough here.

#4 Butterfly Valley
Butterfly Valleya
This place is stunning, spectacularly situated between two huge cliffs. Butterfly valley stretches out in a v-shape, ending in pristine beach. The best way to get here is by boat, either from OluDeniz or Fethiye, but if you are full of adventure, climb the rocky path that leads down from the road. There is no electricity, roads or buildings at all in the valley but camping is allowed.

#5 Iztuzu
Iztuzu Beach
A lovely long beach near Dalyan in south-western Turkey. The beach is a narrow spit of land, which forms a natural barrier between the fresh water delta of the Dalyan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Sometimes referred to as Turtle beach, it is one of the main breeding grounds for loggerhead sea turtles. A nice bonus is that the Kaunos ruins are nearby.

#6 Oludeniz
A great beach near Fethiye, it is also probably Turkeys most famous too, so it can get crowded. This is not the place to go for solitude. But there are lots of good hotels, restaurants and bars.

#7 Side
Side turkey
Antalya is crowded and noisy, but just 30 minutes away is the ancient village of Side. On the way there you pass through settlements that have been there forever, there are ruins all around and indeed in Side itself. The town has loads of tourism, and is hardly unspoiled, but the beach is amazing, and you will always find entertainment in town.

#8 Olympos
Another beach just 30 minutes from Antalya, Olympos is more a village than a town. Known for its cool accommodation in tree-houses and the fact that it lies so close to ancient Lycian ruins, make it a gem of a find. This used to be a bit of a hippie haven until they finished a paved road into town a few years back. And while it often fills with day-trippers, it is not spoiled like many resort towns and when everyone leaves in the evening, or during low season, it is much like it always was a laid back paradise.

#9 Bodrum Peninsula
Bodrum Castle
While Bodrum itself has been over-run with package tourists, there are many beaches in the area that have remained pristine and beautiful, not to mention free of cafes offering English breakfasts or Swedish lunches. Look for a beach called Ortakent Otel which has lovely coarse sand and pebbles or check out Turgutreis if you are looking for some serious surf. Another stunning little gem in the area is called Gmlk (impossible to pronounce, but worth the trip.) Get out of the city beaches at Bodrum and explore Get your Turkish Visas today!
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